The Republic of Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe, particularly in the Fennoscandian region. It has Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia as its borders, and Helsinki as its capital.

Finland is a popular country among tourists, especially because of the delightful contrast that its lush wilderness and forests bring against the amenities of the modern capital. For example, tourists get a kick out of trekking among the pine trees and the cool lakes of the Lemmenjoki National Park and the Oulanka National Park, especially during summers when the parks are at their greenest. Summer is also the time for colorful festivals in Finland’s buzzing towns, as well as peaceful Nordic afternoons simply watching the sun set in the lakelands of Mikkeli and Lappeenranta.
The problem with Finland is that it is beautiful both in the summer and the winter. As such, one will be hard-pressed in deciding on the perfect time to go to Finland. In winter, there are ski trails that offer the best skiing experience for months on end. Tourists also get a treat from dog-sledding or riding a snowmobile to explore the snowy landscapes. The magical aurora borealis is, of course, a reason in itself to go to Finland. And it only happens in winter.

If you go deep into the towns, there is another unique experience that is waiting to happen. Quaint wooden churches stand side by side with avant-garde structures and museums of the Finnish. When you get tired of walking the town streets, you can retreat into a cozy café with a cup of coffee and a piece of cinnamon roll.

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