When you travel to Romania, one thing is for sure is that you will enjoy every moment of your vacation in this country. The largest Balkan state, Romania is located along the shores of the Black Sea in the South-East Central Europe. It captivates many tourists with its rich natural and cultural diversity. Aside from its strong Latin heritage, Romanian culture was also influenced by the Ottomans, Romans, and Austro-Hungarians that once conquered the land. The natural sights such as hills, mountains, deltas, and seas are diverse as well.

To make your Romanian travel truly memorable, here are some tips on the attractions to visit and activities to do during your vacation:

• Cruise along the Danube Delta. The wide variety of wildlife (e.g., boars, foxes, birds, wildcats, etc.) can be seen along the delta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• Explore the streets and architectural landmarks in Bucharest. The capital of Romania is a city to behold because of its stunning architectural landmarks that stand on some of the most significant streets in the area.

• Go horseback riding or hiking in the densely forested Carpathian Mountains. Get your hiking gear ready as you pack your bags for your Romanian getaway.

• Relax and have a soothing bath. You have many options when it comes to enjoying a spa experience: the hot springs of Lake Techirghiol, spa towns of Baile Herculane or Baile Felix, and Romanian Riviera spas, among others.

• Buy souvenir items. Before you leave Romania, don’t forget to buy keepsakes or gifts for your loved ones. The most popular souvenir items include ceramics, pottery, glass paintings, and wood-carved items.

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