Kenya is like a miniature Africa. This is what many experts and visitors of this country believe due mainly for its rich deserts, mountains, reefs, beaches, tribal culture and a great wildlife. These and about a million more are the reasons why many foreigners keep visiting Kenya.

Kenya’s wildlife safaris are definitely one of the best reasons tourists come to this country despite the dangers and criminal activities that are quite common in the area. Aside from the breathtaking wildlife, Kenya is also rich with stunning landscapes that start with the rainforests of Kakamega to the beaches of the Indian Ocean. You can have a view of all of these from the Mt. Kenya National Park. Other places you should never miss are the Rift Valley, the Jade Sea shores, the Masai Mara grasslands and the Hell’s Gate National Park to just name a few.

The Tsavo National Park is not only one of the best in Kenya but also in the whole of Africa if you want to see wildlife such as leopards, lions, elephants, wildebeest, etc. This country is also top five in the world’s list of bird-watching destinations. As for extreme activities, you can ride the hot balloon in Masai Mara, trek Mt. Kenya’s glacial ridges, and snorkel at Marine National Park.

Nairobi is the country’s worst part in terms of criminal activity and is preferred to be left out by tourists during visiting Kenya. Nevertheless, the city has a very appealing nightlife as well as cafes that are reminiscent of an urban lifestyle.

Weather in Kenya has four distinct zones. The humidity, temperature and the rainfall are widely varied. Tourist season in the area is January and February which is when the temperature is driest and the hottest. This is the time that wildlife is easier to spot. If you will come around Christmas time, the fees are a lot higher. It is basically up to you when you want to visit this beautiful nation. No matter what your choice is, you will surely never forget it.

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