If there’s one country that’d never make you think twice about visiting it, it would be Panama.
One of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, Panama is very safe and convenient for travelers. It has a low tourist crime rate. That being said, you won’t have to worry about pickpockets while you travel along the streets of Panama. Taxi drivers are honest and courteous as well.

Panama is a perfect tourist destination, especially for Americans. The local currency is the U.S. dollar, so you won’t have to worry about changing your currency when you go there. Your dollar will also go a long way since the prices of accommodation, transportation, and meals in Panama are inexpensive. The country also ranks as the top place for a second home for Americans because of its great attractions, climate, and safety.

People in Panama are warm and friendly because they are used to meeting foreigners every now and then. Most of the natives can speak English, which is their second language. No need to learn Spanish! Panamanians know exactly what Americans prefer and appreciate, so you won’t have a hard time dealing with them. They are fun loving as well. So it’s no wonder why nightlife is very active in the capital Panama City where partying and clubbing are a favorite pastime. The city teems with plenty of discos, casinos, and nightclubs that cater to partygoers.

In particular, the tropical climate in this Latin American country is friendly to travelers. Unlike the nearby Central American countries, Panama has never been plagued by devastating earthquakes or hurricanes. The peak season for tourists is from December to April when the weather is dry and hot.

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