The Republic of Estonia is a Northern European country bordered by the Gulf of Finland, Latvia, the Russian Federation and the Baltic Sea. In terms of land area, Estonia is the smallest among the Baltic countries, but this does not mean it has little to offer to tourists. The appeal of Estonia comes from its scenery, which ranges from rustic villages to lush marshlands. This is set in contrast to its grand castles and a bustling capital that speak of medieval influences.

The major tourist attraction is the capital of Talinn, which is a showcase of a 14th-century community complete with streets of cobblestone. It is lined with ancient churches and ruins for the history buff, and galleries and boutiques for the art enthusiasts. Cafes and posh restaurants offer a scrumptious respite after a day of walking tours. At night, Talinn comes alive through its bars and nightclubs.

Away from Talinn and into the countryside, tourists will discover that other side of Estonia. For nature lovers, there is the Lahemaa National Park in the northeastern part of the country, which offers a memorable forest experience, as well as trekking tours along its coastal trails. The town of Otepää, on the other hand, is famous for its ski attractions. Other places of interest include Saaremaa, the largest island which is located in the western part of Estonia. Within Saaremaa lie the towns of Karia, Triigi, Karia and Tuhkana. These towns house some important tourist attractions such as lighthouses built in the 19th century, landmark windmills and pristine beaches and ruins of structures dating back to the medieval era.

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