Slovakia may not be as popular as France and Germany, but its value for European tourism cannot be underrated. This peaceful country is being developed as one of the most important places in Europe. It is a land of amazing national parks, lovely attractions, friendly people, and low-cost shopping.

Tourists in Slovakia usually find pleasure in these three activities: learning the Slovak culture and arts, sightseeing, and performing outdoor sports.

The country’s capital, Bratislava, is the center of culture and arts in Slovakia. This is what tourists usually visit to take a glimpse of the thousand-year history and present urbanization in the country. The National Gallery, the largest museum in the country, is located in Bratislava. Tourists can also enjoy watching musical theater performances, traditional folk music performances, and classical music concerts in various cities and towns in Slovakia.

The magnificent Slovak architecture is another good reason for visiting this country. It is a mixture of various influences, mostly Russian and Austro-Hungarian. Churches of historical significance are located in many Slovak towns. Among the precious architectural landmarks in Slovakia are the wooden churches that were built centuries ago in the northeastern region.

There are plenty of things to do in Slovakia. You can go skiing in the Malá Fatra National Park, climb the alpine mountains in the eastern part of Slovakia, and enjoy the view of the countryside at the top of the castle in Trenčín.

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