Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is a royal park that is located in London. It can be found a little west of Hyde Park. The location used to be Kensington Palace’s private gardens. The gardens cover a rather large area, totaling almost 300 acres of land. The gardens were first carved out in a section in Hyde Park, and were designed back in 1728. However, over the course of 10 years, the gardens were constantly redesigned. The designers behind the area were Henry Wise and Charles Bridgeman.


One of the most common activities that people take part in when they visit the park is walking and jogging. The park is often considered to be a better park to walk and jog in than Hyde Park. If you enjoy these activities, then you will love doing it throughout Kensington Gardens.

The most popular tourist attraction at the gardens is the Kensington Palace. The palace is actually the place that Princess Diana once called home. There is also a Peter Pan an statue that is located within the park as author J.M. Barrie’s book used the park for inspiration. Also in the gardens is Albert Memorial, which stands at 175 feet tall. This particular memorial was built in 1864, in order to commemorate Prince Albert the first, who was Queen Victoria’s husband.

The Serpentine Gallery is a popular modern art gallery that is also located within the park. Visitors will also enjoy seeing features such the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.

Round Pound is a very large lake that is located within the park. If you have a remote controlled boat, then feel free to bring it to the park and use it in the lake. There is also a large garden in the park called the Sunken Garden. This particular garden was created back in the year of 1909.

Many different types of statues are located within the park. One of the most popular statues is called the “Arch,” which was built in the late 70s. “Physical Energy” is another popular statue that visitors to the park should take the time to see, as there is a lot of history surrounding it. This statue was built back in the year of 1908.

Entrance into the park is completely free and it is opened to the public all-year round, but it is advisable to visit the park in the spring or summertime, as it can be cold there in the autumn or winter time.

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