O2 Arena

The O2 Arena in London, England is one of the largest arenas in Europe. Second in size only to the Manchester Arena, the O2 can house almost 20,000 people. It can also boast being one of the busiest arenas in the world, providing more music concerts and events than most other venues.


The O2 Arena was designed by Richard Rogers and opened its doors in 2007 after developers saw a need for a large entertainment center. The Millennium Dome closed in 2000 and provided the space for the current O2 Arena. Ingenious design style was used as the roof of the arena was built on the ground and then lifted into the dome.

Similar to the Manchester Arena, engineers built seating that could be modified according to the type of event and crowd expectation. In addition, the surface of the ground can be altered. The ground can be changed to accommodate various sporting, musical and conference style events.

General Information

The O2 is located in southeastern London on the Greenwich Peninsula. The massive arena stays booked with a wide variety of events. In addition, patrons can expect to have their choice of fine dining, bars or casual dining by way of Entertainment Avenue located inside the facility. There are many options for getting to the O2 Arena. Public transportation by London Underground or National Rail is very easy. Plan a day at the O2 through their website or by visiting their ticket office, but booking tickets online is recommended for the most convenient experience.

The O2 Arena in London has fast become one of the most attended arenas in the world with over a million tickets sold every year. The O2 Arena provides a very diverse line up of musicians, sporting events and corporate sponsored programs.

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