Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey 400
Westminster Abbey
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The collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster is always and is commonly referred to as Westminster Abbey. It is a Gothic church in Westminster, London. This church is located on the west side of the Palace of Westminster. It is where the coronation and burial ceremony of the English are usually held. Westminster Abbey is ruled or governed by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster as proclaimed by the Royal Charter of the Queen Elizabeth I way back in 1560. Under the jurisdiction of the Sovereign, the place was also created as Collegiate Church of St. Peter Westminster and Royal Peculiar.

According to tradition and history, the Westminster Abbey was first reported by Sulcard around 1080. People believe that The Abbey has first been founded in Mellitus time. This place was the site for the last coronation prior to the Norman’s Invasion.

Harrison & Harrison created the organ in The Abbey in 1937. There were four manuals and 84 speaking stops. The place was first used during the coronation of King George VI. Some pipe works from the old or previous Hill organ was readjusted and was fixed to also incorporate a new scheme to the instrument. The two organs designed by John Loughborough Pearson way back in nineteenth century was re-instated and was colored in 1959. Under the direction of Simon Preston, Harrison & Harrison enlarged the organ to include additional Lower Choir Organ and Bombarde Organ. The new or current instrument now possesses five manuals and 109 speaking stops. In 2006, Harrison & Harrison refurbished the console of the organ.

Since the coronation in 1066, both King Harold and William the Conqueror, all English and British monarchs have been crowned in the Abbey except for Edward V and Edward VIII who did not undergo a coronation ceremony.

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