Sea Life London Aquarium

1997 marked the opening of the largest aquarium in London, England. The Sea Life Aquarium houses one of the largest collections of aquatic creatures in London. With over 28 marine life attractions and a beautiful central location, the aquarium has proven to be a favorite among locals and tourists for years.

What to Expect

Visitors to the aquarium can expect to see thousands of aquatic animals in state-of-the-art tanks. They will also be able to observe hundreds of different species of animals from around the globe, including over 12 different species of sharks. Not only can visitors discover the different types of sea creatures, but they are able to enjoy over 60 exhibits full of exotic plant life and foliage. The three story building is complete with 14 areas, all designed with a unique theme. In addition, public feeding of animals is possible through touch pools or diving displays.

General Information

The Sea Life London Aquarium can provide visitors with hours of engaging and educational fun. It is suggested that at least three hours be allotted for a complete visit. Lines can be long for certain exhibits and for animal feeding, so pre-booking is recommended. The aquarium is in operation 7 days a week and opens at 10 AM every morning. There is a fee to enter the aquarium, however children under the age of three are free and online tickets provide a slight discount. In addition, the price of a ticket may depend on the date and the time you plan on attending.

The marine life on display at the Sea Life London Aquarium provides entertainment and enlightenment to almost a million visitors every year. As a neighbor to the London Eye, it is also a great addition to a European vacation, a family day out or a school field trip.

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