Marble Arch


The Marble Arch is a monument located at the Oxford Street, Edgware Road and Park Lane junction, in Westminster, London, England. The monument is made from Carrara marble. The Marble Arch used to be located in front of Buckingham Palace, but it was moved in the year of 1851.

The History of the Marble Arch

The Marble Arch is quite old, as it was built back in the year of 1825. It was designed by John Nash. The arch was originally intended to be used as a ceremonial entrance to Buckingham Palace and it served this purpose until it was relocated.

The Design

The arch’s design is unique, and is actually based on the design of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, which is located in Paris, as well as the Arch of Constantine, which can be found over in Rome. The arch was originally designed to include sculptures that depicted the victories of British forces during the Napoleonic Wars. An architectural model of the monument was made back in 1826, and if you are interested in viewing it, then you can do so at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is also located in London.

A man by the name of John Flaxman was picked to create the sculpture, but he died before he could complete it in 1826. The job was then split up between three men, who were J.C.F. Rossi, Sir Richard Westmacott and Edward Hodges Baily.

Getting To The Arch

If you are interested in visiting the arch, then there are a few ways to reach it. The easiest way to get to the arch is to simply drive there, as there is plenty of parking around the arch. However, keep in mind that you may have to pay some money to park. Another easy way to reach the arch is by taking the tube. The tube station is right near the arch, and the station is named after the Marble Arch.

Visiting the Arch

The Marble Arch is one of the most well-known monuments in all of the UK. This structure is unique and the design of it is simply amazing. The arch is also located by many different shops, which are considered to be some of the best shops located in London. Many people will visit some of the nearby shops after they pay a visit to the Marble Arch.

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