The Victoria Memorial

The center of Queen’s Gardens in London, England is home to the Victoria Memorial. Built in Queen Victoria’s honor, the statue sits directly in front of Buckingham Palace and stands more than 82 feet tall. The monument gives tribute to the Queen who ruled from 1837 until 1901 when she died.


The architect for the Victoria Memorial is the same man who designed the Buckingham Palace, Sir Aston Webb. He used over 2,000 tons of high quality white marble. The artist Sir Thomas Brock was in charge of the actual sculpting of the monument and it was dedicated by George V ten years after Queen Victoria’s death in 1911.

The Memorial

The Victoria Memorial is made of more than just one sculpture of Victoria. Although she is the largest and most central figure, the sculpture also displays a bronze image of the Angel of Truth and the Angel of Justice. These bronze sculptures were added in 1924. In addition, looking toward Buckingham Palace is a sculpture of Charity. On top of the massive monument sits a figure which is said to show Constancy and Courage.

There are also many sculptures that surround the Queen and the enclosing wall. All around the center there is a nautical theme complete with ships, mermaids and other marine life. Beautiful bronze statues of lions and symbols of peace descend the stairs and lead observers to the ground floor. The bronze lions were a gift from New Zealand to honor the Queen.

The Victoria Memorial located in London is a massive historical homage to a queen that reigned for over 65 years. The thousands of tons of white marble were carefully sculpted and designed to capture the essence of Queen Victoria. Although completed after her death, the statues have remained an important symbol in England’s history.

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