The London Eye

The London Eye is an extremely large Ferris wheel which is located in London, England. The structure is 443 feet tall and 294 feet wide. Many tourists consider the Eye to be a must see attraction.


The Ferris wheel is considered to be the most popular attraction in the UK. This is because it allows tourists to get great views of the cityscape. The iconic nature of the attraction makes most tourists flock to the wheel when they visit London for the first time. During their first visit, tourists will notice that the wheel has 32 sealed passenger capsules. Each capsule is air-conditioned. This will be pleasing to those who are not used to London’s weather patterns. Every individual capsule can hold up to 25 people. The slow rotation rate of the wheel means that passengers can embark and disembark the attraction without the wheel being stopped. However, the wheel is occasionally stopped to let on elderly or disabled passengers. A full rotation of the wheel takes 30 minutes.

The History of the Eye

The Ferris wheel was formally opened in 1999. Since then, it has become a significant tourist attraction. Today, the Eye is London’s focal point during New Years Eve celebrations, with firework displays being launched from the Eye itself.

In May 2005, the owners of the land where the Eye is located tried to increase the rent. The company operating the eye rejected the notice as they believed it was unaffordable. The mayor at the time, Ken Livingstone, promised that the Eye would stay in London. Livingstone also stated that if the two parties could not resolve the problem, he would try to use his influence to issue a purchase order of the land. The owners eventually relented after a legal review. They agreed to a 25 year lease if they received at least 500,000 pounds a year.

Tourist Information

Due to the popularity of this attraction, tourists should ensure that they show up early. Those who arrive during peak times will have to wait in line to get on the Ferris wheel. This is especially true during the summertime as this is London’s high tourism season. Vacationers can avoid crowds by booking their tickets in advance.

While the actual rotation of the wheel takes 30 minutes, visitors should allow themselves extra time to purchase tickets. It is worth noting that only small bags are allowed on board. Tourists are not permitted to take food and drinks on the Eye. As there is no commentary, visitors may want to familiarize themselves with London’s landscape before their ride. This will help them identify the buildings they see from the Ferris wheel.

Some travel agencies sell day tours which include the Eye. Unfortunately, many of these tours are not good values. If consumers are interested in these tours, they should ensure they know exactly what is included in their tour price. Some tours do not include tickets for the Eye. Generally these tours are only worthwhile if they include a few different attractions. Visiting the Eye independently is the cheapest option for tourists.

All London tourists should make time to go for a ride on the Eye. This Ferris wheel is a famous attraction around the world. In fact, many people will ask tourists whether or not they went on the Eye. While the crowds and ticket prices may put some off, many who have been on it thoroughly enjoyed their experience. The Eye gives tourists views of London that they would not get elsewhere.

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