This beautiful ancient country now lies in ruins after the brutalities of war. Though the security has improved since the war, kidnappings and violence still persist in its cities and is therefore risky to visit. Foreign travelers may want to exclude this country from their list of spots to visit. For those who love to take challenges and risks, then you can play with your fortune and give Iraq a visit. Many foreign journalists still visit the place for work related purposes.

Despite the war, there are still many areas that are rich with the country’s glorious history. Its old name, Mesopotamia, literally means “between two rivers”. Iraq is the ancient world’s center. It is also the place where Islam played a big role with the country’s capital, Baghdad, being one of Islam’s greatest capitals.

At present, Iraq is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It may be seen in throughout many international newscasts for all the negativity taking place there. It is now what Vietnam was thirty years ago. It is now trying to build from what was left of the war but constant terrorist attacks seem to keep the country from rising from ruins. Despite all of this, the country remains to have such a rich history.

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