Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) collects and displays a variety of art works including Thai and international modern art. This is a really neat place to spend an afternoon or morning away from the humidity and heat of Bangkok. The venue is light, quiet and welcoming.

The Building Design

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is a cylindrical building and you get a sense of the building’s curves from the outside. However, it is only when you get inside the building that one can actually appreciate the design of the space. Inside, the spiral staircase conveniently leads guests to the artwork that is displayed on each floor.

History of the BACC

The BACC project started in 1995, but came upon difficulties with political disagreements and funding issues. Some local politicians wanted the location that was already assigned for the center changed into a shopping mall. Luckily, the project was re-established in 2004 with support from a new Bangkok governor. Construction work began the same year and was concluded in May 2008.

Aim of BACC

The BACC has several goals, including offering cultural programs to the public and creating a convention center for artists. They also aim to expand art and culture, imagination, inspiration and creativity among the Thai people.


The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is situated on the Pathumwan Intersection corner opposite Siam Discovery and MBK shopping malls. The simplest way of getting there is by Skytrain. There is still a covered footpath from the Skytrain station which takes visitors directly to the 3rd floor entrance of the center.

Opening Times and Rules

The BACC is open Tuesday through Sunday. Entry is free, but some particular events, plays and concerts charge a fee. Pictures are permitted on lower floors but are forbidden at the exhibits on the higher floors. You are asked not to use tripods or flash when taking photos. Food and drinks from outside are not allowed and visitors are prohibited from touching exhibits. Kids are welcome but every visitor is requested to be silent and respectful of others.

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