Museum of Siam


The Museum of Siam in Bangkok allows visitors to learn what Thai culture is all about. Set in a large European neoclassical house, tourists will be surprised to see that what lies inside are not your usual dusty artifacts and ancient treasures. The large bronze ribbons in the front garden are probably the first clue of what awaits inside the museum. Do not be fooled by the old-fashioned columns, ceramic tiles and wooden stairs, this museum is actually full of modern art pieces and new technology.

Thai Identity

The copper ribbons outside the museum have the words “What does being Thai mean?” written in bold, red, luminous letters. The whole museum is dedicated to explaining what Thai identity and culture really is. This is perfect for those who want to understand more about Thailand and the people of this country. The first room, which is entitled “The Roong,” has a long panoramic screen where you can watch a movie. You will be able to view artistic images depicting Thai spirit. After a few minutes of watching the show, you will be ready to see the rest of the museum.

Inside the Museum

While traveling from room to room you will learn a lot about Thailand. Exhibits take you from the early days of Ayutthaya, through Thai history, and into modern times. Each room is decorated with contemporary art and most rooms have interactive displays. Visitors will see a change in the exhibits with the displays going from very “classical” to more westernized. There is also a very unique exhibit utilizing television screens that shows the evolution of Thai TV throughout the years.

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