Rajadamnern Stadium

Entrance to Rajadamnern Stadium
Photo by: kwankwan Creative Commons

Rajadamnern Stadium is an indoor sporting arena that is in Bangkok, Thailand. This is where Muay Thai fights can be watched, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Construction on the stadium started in 1941, and was finally completed in 1945.

History of the Stadium

The doors to the stadium opened up to the public on December 23, 1945. When the stadium was first built, it was designed as an open air stadium, but eventually it was decided to make the stadium an indoor stadium. It was not until 1951 when a concrete roof was installed.

Famous people who are known around the world also visit the stadium. For example, in 1969 Rocky Marciano was invited to the stadium to act as a guest referee for a boxing match.

Activities At The Stadium

Guests can come to the Rajadamnern to watch Muay Thai fights, but there is more to do. Gambling while at the stadium is also legal. Guests who are interested in gambling can go to the second floor of the stadium to place their bets.

Fans of Muay Thai fighting should visit the stadium. Fighting enthusiasts will love what the stadium has to offer, and everyone who visits Thailand should check the stadium out.

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