Grand Palace

Grand Palace 400
Grand Palace
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The Grand Palace in Bangkok is undoubtedly a must see in a any travel guide. This marvelous palace was built in 1782 and since then, for more than a hundred years it became the official residence of Thai Kings. The Grand Palace is a marvelous structure that signifies the creativity as well as the craftsmanship of Thai artisans. Although the King has moved to another residence, the Palace serves as the heart of the Kingdom of Thailand.

What you can see inside the palace are numerous impressive structures which include the Wat Phra Kaew also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Emerald Buddha has been world famous since the 14th century, when it was crafted. Another custom associated with the said Buddha is the ritual wherein the King of Thailand personally changes the robe of the Buddha every changing season. The temple dedicated to the Buddha was located on a corner in the outer part of the whole complex.

The general design and layout of the palace is closely similar to the palaces in the former capital Siam, the Ayutthaya. Its outer structures formerly serve as the government offices which include the army, treasury and civil administration. The Grand Palace also serves as an important landmark in ceremonies and special events of the country. In the central part lies the halls were the King used to entertain visitors and state businesses were conducted. Among the three throne halls, 2 are open to visitors for public viewing.

Another highlight of the palace is the inner court where the Royal consorts as well as the princesses lived. As of the moment, no royalty reside in the Palace and it is closed for public viewing. Other places worth visiting include the Boromabiman Hall, Amarinda Hall and the Justice Hall.

If you visit the Palace, you will be able to see the impressive design of the interior wherein the coronation takes place. You can also see the throne as well as the Chakri Maha Prasat, a European styled reception area. The Dusit Hall, a beautifully built building and a museum that showcases the history of the palace can also be visited.
Visitors of the palace must remember that the Palace being a sacred site follows a strict dress code. Men should be dressed in long pants and women are not allowed to wear revealing clothes. In case that you visit in an inappropriate outfit, you can borrow clothes provided for in the entrance with minimum fees.

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