Wat Saket

The Wat Saket, also known as the Phu Khao Thong or the Golden Mount, is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a Buddhist temple that is positioned on a low hill. Wat Saket has a shining gold chedi or stupa which is a mound-like structure. There is a very ancient cemetery at the base area of the temple that is interesting to explore.

The Layout

The temple features mature trees and many Buddhist structures. This includes the main chapel, library and ordination hall. Its origins go as far back as the Ayutthaya period from 1350 to 1767 AD. It went through major renovations during the reign of King Rama I from 1782 to 1809.

There are about 300 steps that encircle the Wat Saket which that look very similar to a coiled snake. The paved path to the top is well-kept and the climb is relatively easy for most people. At the very top there are welcoming bells and a beautiful panoramic view of historic Bangkok, including Rattanakosin Island.

The temple hosts a yearly fair that lasts for nine days during Loy Krathong. It usually starts sometime in late October or early November. During this time, the chedi is completely draped in a bright red cloth. There is a beautiful candlelit procession that goes to the chedi’s top and this signifies the start of the fair.

This temple fair is quite large and features many decorative flags, colored lanterns, trinket stalls and food vendors. There are even fairground rides and games that many visitors enjoy. Crowds are large during this week and many people arrive at the temple grounds very early in the morning and stay until midnight.

When the temple fair is not being held the area is usually very tranquil and quiet. There are some nice areas to sit down and relax before making the climb to the top. The Wat Saket is a well-known symbol of Bangkok, and is also very popular with tourists.

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