Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was opened in Bangkok, Thailand on December 8th, 1956. This indoor boxing ring is operated by the Royal Thai Army and controlled by the country’s government. Boasting of producing champions and being a symbol of modern Muay Thai fighting, it is a staple in the colorful history of Bangkok. Lumpinee’s reputation has traveled around the globe and is famous for increasing the popularity of Muay Thai to westerners.


The building of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was spearheaded by General Prapas Jarusatain, a commander in the Thai Army. This stadium is one of the seven standard stadiums in Thailand. Since opening in 1956, the stadium has been managed by the country’s Thai Army Welfare Division. The revenue that is generated by the bouts is used to pay for daily operations of the military.


There are strict rules to be followed in order to box for Lumpinee and to enter the arena. Only approved promoters are allowed to bring bouts to the gym and permission must be granted by the Thai Army. In order to begin training at Lumpinee the athlete must be at least 15 years of age and a minimum of 100 pounds. When opponents are matched against each other there is to be no more than a 5 pound difference between the fighters. This is to help ensure safety and to level the playing field amongst fighters, forcing them to rely on their skills rather than shear strength. As of right now, there are no women fighters.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is a Thai fixture and a wonderful example of Thai culture. Producing many top Thai fighting champions, athletes come from all over the world in order to train with some of the best and most experienced Muay Thai trainers in Bangkok.

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