Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is known as a location for research on snake breeding and snake venom. It gives visitors an opportunity to find out more about dangerous snakes through an interactive learning experience. The institute was constructed on King Rama VI’s order following Princess Momchaoying Banlusirisarn Diskul’s death in 1911 from rabies. The institute was originally created to discover a vaccine for the illness.

Attraction Details

This institute is a well-liked attraction today for both scientists and tourists. Here you can see a number of very venomous snakes from Thailand as well as other parts of the world. Thailand is home to many types of venomous snakes and harmless species. The snake farm, under the auspices of Thai Red Cross Society, was established and formally opened on November 22nd, 1923.

The venomous snakes that are native to Thailand are the king cobra, Russell’s viper, sea snakes, and pit vipers. These poisonous snakes are found by professional snake catchers and Thai farmers and the institute pays them according to snake species and size.

Venom Extraction

The normal venom extraction procedure is done by using a glass receptacle that has a membrane cover. The snake is held just behind the head by the snake handler and the glass receptacle is placed for the snake to bite in the membrane. Then the venom flows in the glass receptacle and it is later used to produce vaccines.

Visitors can have a look at the venom extraction during the schedules times and walk through the holding and breeding areas to see the snakes closely. Venom-milking happens at 11 AM and 2:30 PM on weekdays and 11 AM over weekends and holidays.


Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is situated near Chulalongkorn Hospital on Henri Dunant road. You can get there by taking a subway to the Samyan MRT Station or the Skytrain to Saladaeng BTS station.

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