Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat is a royal temple that is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is just one of ten temples in the city to be considered a temple of the first grade. The temple’s construction started back in 1807 when King Rama I ruled Thailand. When King Rama II came to power he had carved wooden doors installed on the temple. It was not until King Rama III took over the country that the temple was finally completed in 1847.


If you are visiting Bangkok, you should certainly go see Wat Suthat. Visitors who go to the temple can expect to see a beautiful golden Buddha statue that was moved from the province of Sukhothai. Twenty-eight Chinese pagodas can also be found at the lower base of the temple. They stand for the 28 Buddhas born on earth. Also at the temple is a huge red frame that was once a giant swing. The swing was used many years ago to celebrate certain events and ceremonies.

Other Information

The temple is filled with a lot of history. As such, in 2005, it was submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for consideration as a World Heritage Site.

People who are interested in visiting the temple can do so anytime of the year. Getting to the temple is simple. One can take any method of transportation to reach it, and there is plenty of parking around the building if guests choose to drive to the location. Guests should plan on spending a few hours at the site, because it is usually busy and it is very large.

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