Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is in one of Bangkok’s most infamous red light districts. It is a short street which houses approximately 40 bars. The area caters to expatriates and tourists. Anyone who enters a bar in this area will notice women dancing in bikinis on stage. While topless and nude dancing is illegal, some bars allow for it. Many of the dancers at these bars are also prostitutes. Due to the sexual nature of this street, it is not suitable for families and children. Many women also avoid the area as they do not want to witness adult tourism.

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Tourists may be shocked to see elephants on the street. Elephants are marched up and down the street by their handlers. This is done so that tourists will buy elephant food at inflated prices. Ideally, tourists will not spend their money on elephant food as most of these animals are poorly treated and do not belong on the streets. There are many animals rights campaigns which are against how elephants are treated in Thailand.

Overall, Soi Cowboy appeals to a very specific type of tourist. Men and women who are not interested in sexually charged bars should opt to go to other areas. Young people like to visit Soi Cowboy while others decide to stay in Sukhumvit. Tourists who are unsure if whether the street is for them should visit a bar. Entrance is free and drink prices are fixed, so this is a good way to get introduced to the Bangkok bar scene.

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