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Thailand is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand and it is located in South-East Asia. It is a very popular tourist destination because of its unique food, amazing beaches and interesting culture. In order to communicate while you are in Thailand, you should understand that the official language, Thai, is a tonal language. It would be useful and appreciated by the people there if you would pick up a phrasebook to help you get around. In the most popular travel destinations, you find many people who can speak at least some English or perhaps some German, Chinese, or Japanese. If you speak any of these, getting around popular spots should be relatively simple.

When you enter the country, you will probably be doing so at the International Airport in Bangkok. If you are from many western and Asian countries, a passport is all that is usually necessary for visiting Thailand. If you arrive by plane, you get a 30-day pass in the country and if you arrive by land, you generally get half that time. Because Thailand is such a large country, travel by small planes or with the extensive train and bus networks will be you best bet of getting around in comfortable and usually affordable ways. In order to pay for your travel in Thailand, you will need to exchange your home countries currency for that of Thailand which is the baht.

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