Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and dynamic cities. The city offers tourists a wonderful mix of ancient and modern cultures. There are many scattered skyscrapers that are mixed in with traditional-styled wood houses. Tourists can also visit the Grand Palace, which is arguably the most popular sightseeing attraction in Bangkok.

Every year many visitors travel to the city to appreciate Thailand’s special cultural traditions. There are over four hundred Buddhist temples in the city, so it is not unusual to see monks wearing saffron-colored robes when they are out gathering morning alms. This city is called the “Venice of the East” because the Chao Phraya river, which runs through the city, is connected by several canals. Tourists can travel around the city by cruising the river, taking the underground subway or the elevated sky-train.

Many have called Bangkok the food capital of Asia, if not the world. This city has many wonderful restaurants and it is renowned for its street food stalls that make a variety of tasty dishes. No Thailand trip is complete unless visitors have experienced Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife. The city really comes alive in the evening and there are many venues to enjoy. Travelers are guaranteed they will experience a trip that will be not only interesting and fun, but also very memorable.

Bangkok Famous Landmarks

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  1. Gezi Rehberi says:

    My favorite city in South East Asia. Nice place to live and enjoy life. The land of smile.

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