The Middle East has many countries worth visiting despite many of them being involved with war. Of all these countries, perhaps it is Lebanon which is the most captivating. With its very rich and long history that starts in Tyre during the Phoenician era to the time of the Roman Baalbek and his temple to period of Beirut and then the modern movement of Khoury.

The mix of modernity and the ancient in Lebanon is what makes this country a great place to visit. The country is famous for the architecture of its buildings as well as the taste of modernity that is quite apparent in many areas. An old sleeping village, Jounieh, is now alive with activity due to the glitz brought about by the night clubs, especially during the summer weekends.

Its capital, Beirut, was once called and is again trying to regain the title of being the “Paris of the Orient”. Aside from its hospitable locals and its interesting culture and history, Lebanon is simply the opposite of what many foreigners would think about the Middle East. It has many skiing activities due mainly for its numerous mountains. It may be laidback but it is quite liberal and fun to visit since it does not have the restrictions that many other Middle East nations have. The capital is the regions party capital as well.

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