Venezuela is a diamond in the rough per se when it comes to South American countries. Greatly overlooked, Venezuela is home to many beautiful and natural wonders. Located at the northern most part of South America, its neighbors include Colombia, Guyana, Brazil and the Caribbean.

If one was planning a trip to Venezuela, the top attraction will most likely be Angel Falls, or as the natives call it, “Kerepakupai Meru.” Angel Falls is the world’s tallest water fall and also the tallest single drop. At a whopping 3212 feet, the falls consist of 2 drops and are split into 3 portions. Angel Falls is a must see when visiting Venezuela. The highlands of Venezuela are very beautiful, and there are plenty of tour groups that one could be a part of.

Getting back to city life, a trip to Venezuela can be fairly inexpensive. The standard exchange rate from Bolivar Fuerte (BsF) to U.S. dollars is 4.3:1. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted around the country as well.

The food and drinks of the country are, to say the least, decent. Like many other countries in South America, the staple foods are rice, beans and corn. Highly influenced by Latin culture, some popular Venezuelan dishes include, reina pepiada and domino arepas (stuffed corn torillas), hallacas (Venezuelan version of tamales), cachapas (corn pancakes), empanadas (savory pastries) and “perros calientes” or in English, hot dogs. Venezuelans own The Polar Companies, manufactures most of the drinks sold in Venezuela, from their own beers to carbonated beverages.

On a visit to Venezuela there are many B&Bs as well as 5 star hotels to stay in, however the price could be quite high. However, the city life as well as sightseeing and tourism are definitely worth every BsF.

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