Australia map 120Australia flag 120Australia is the only country that is also a whole continent. It is mainly known for its “out back”, but Australia is quite urbanized in its southeastern portions, and includes some of the world’s most urbanized cities like Sydney or Melbourne. If you are visiting Australia and are arriving by plane, you will probably be arriving in Sydney, the country’s largest city, where a little more than half of all international travelers arrive. When trying to get into the country, it will be necessary for all nationalities to have a VISA. The only acception being someone from New Zealand, who has been approved for travel in and out of Australia for business or work.

When traveling inside the country of Australia, you will probably be renting some type of car for inter-city travel, but as the cities are separate by great distances, you will probably fly on small planes to travel long distances. In order to pay for your travel and other expenses, you will need to use the AUD or the Australian Dollar as it is called for it is the official currency of the country. You should have no trouble finding your way around or communicating with the locals in popular tourist destinations because English is the most commonly known language and is the only language used to teach in schools. You should be careful about certain hand gestures and activities such as hitch-hiking because you might offend someone; hitch hiking is not liked by the locals or the local police.

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