China Map 120China Flag 120China, located in East Asia, is officially known as the People’s Republic of China. It is a very large country that is relatively the size of America and has the world’s largest population of people. China has an extensive historical and cultural background and any vacation that you take there would be a very enlightening and interesting one.

Depending on where in China you are visiting, they may speak different languages. The official language is Standard Mandarin, and has been the only Chinese language taught in schools since about the 1950’s, so it’s safe to assume that most people will be speaking this. If you do not speak Standard Mandarin, you might be able to get by with using simple English because that is also taught in school, especially in universities. When talking to someone who does not know the English language very well, you should speak short and abrupt sentences and avoid complicated sentence structure.

When traveling to mainland China, you almost always need a Visa, which can be obtained at any Chinese embassy or consulate. If you are visiting the Hong Kong or Macau parts of China, the citizens from most countries don’t require a visa to do so. The easiest way to arrive in China is via airplane. There are several international airports that you can use to gain access to the country. While visiting China, you will need to have a way to get around. The best way for long distance (across the country) is probably to use the train system, for that is the major way that the Chinese travel too. Not to mention the fact that the tracks go to places all over the country and that China has about one fourth of the entire worlds track system. The best way to travel while in the city would be the very reliable bus system, besides, the PRC does not allow out of country drivers to rent or drive in their country.

In order to be able to pay for most things in China you will have to use the Chinese currency, the renminbi (CNY). When shopping in China wary, of making certain purchases, such as buying ivory or certain animal skins, for they may be endangered and if you are stopped by customs, a serious fine and/or jail time might be the price you pay.

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